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City of Lights


Paris, Paris, Paris, where do i start: One of my favorite 

places in the world. I recently had the opportunity to visit the “City of Lights”. If I can somehow go there any time for work or pleasure, I will. Just being there gets my creative juices flowing. As I walk through the streets in my favorite neighborhood I visit the unbelievable chocolatier, pastry and flower shops.But my favorite activity in the “City of Lights” is to sample different Pastry Shops (patisserie).Just get out of my way for the first few hours after landing. I got to get my fix. lol The sites, smells, sounds and ambiance make me feel both at ease and gives me piece of mind. For some reason when I am there I slow down and I take it all in. By the end of the day, I love to sit at the cafes and drink a coffee or a Glass of Wine while observing people. I pay special attention to how they carry themselves and how they dress. I observe how they display their sense of individuality through fashion. This helps me be a better Costume Designer to better create “the look” for characters in movies. I love Paris so much that even grey skies and rain can’t get me down while I’m there. Here is one of the french songs that I LOVE.”Ne me quitte pas” By Jacques Brel.


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