International Fashion Designer Arefeh Mansouri Fashion Shows

Dress designed by Arefeh Mansouri WWDMAGIC Las Vegas

AREFEH COLLECTION Dress designed by Arefeh Mansouri Spring/Summer 2015 Ready to Wear

Handmade beaded Silk gowns from Arefeh Mansouri

Top with handmade beaded silk pants From Arefeh Mansouri

Arefeh Mansouri Handmade beaded one of a kind top

Handmade beaded Silk Short dress from Arefeh Mansouri

Designer Arefeh Mansouri New York Fashion Week

Handmade Beaded Top and Pants Arefeh Mansouri

Designer Arefeh Mansouri With her models NY Fashion Week

Backstage Images 2013 Spring/Summer Collection during NY Fashion Week.

Arefeh Mansouri’s Runway Couture Collection NY Fashion Week

Arefeh Mansouri Handmade beaded Silk Bridal Gown

Bridal dresses for 2013 Spring/Summer

Backstage Images From Arefeh Mansouri’s Runway during NY Fashion Week.

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Couture Collection Spring/Summer 2013 During NY Fashion Week

NY Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 Arefeh Mansouri’s Fashion Show

Backstage Images from Arefeh Mansouri’s 2013 Spring/ Summer Collection (NY Fashion Week).

NY Fashion week with Arefeh Fashion

Designer Arefeh Mansouri Backstage at Miami International Fashion week

Designer Arefeh Mansouri