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Many people are asking me why I never

write anything about my experiences or my life. Well. here we go: My trip to India. I was working on a movie, “Utopia”, and got the chance to see India with all it’s beauty and history,and I met some wonderful Indian people. While working on location I would see random exotic animals in the street. Camels, elephants, peacocks, monkeys, you name it… I have to say I became addicted to Masala chai and i loved the authentic Indian food. I mostly enjoyed vegetarian dishes. I think I am becoming vegetarian now, lol. I also found this song which I love, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJq0yyWug1k I learned an Indian euphemism: “SAB KUCH THEEK HO JAYEGA” which means ‘everything will be alright’. Finally I had my palm read by a special person that grew up in a temple. He told me he can read palms and so I decided to go with it even though I don’t believe in such things. I thought it would be fun to give it a try. It was crazy, he told me a few things that only a handful of people know about me, and the funny part is that wasn’t his job but more like a hobby. As I said before, he did grow up in a temple, so i guess he learned his skills there. Hands down I am now a firm believer. India is a beautiful country and i hope to go back there again.


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