AWARD WINNING American Fashion & Costume Designer

Inventor, Painter, and lauded Fashion and Costume Designer and more: Arefeh Mansouri is a multi-layered talent powerhouse who has chiseled her way to recognition as an award winning American Designer.

Arefeh Mansouri was born in Tehran, Iran in 1980 and immigrated to Canada as a teenager. She later moved permanently to the United States where she now resides with her family.
In her early years, Mansouri’s education initially focused on Math and Sciences. She started her undergraduate education, majoring in Biology at Concordia University, with the initial intent to pursue a career in Medicine. However, she soon came to the realization that the need to create and artistic expression was key to her fulfillment. That need to create was the catalyst that led her to a career in Fashion and Costume Design.
She studied Fashion at Montreal’s LaSalle College and had her own line of clothing by the age of 23. Soon thereafter She was invited to be the head designer at a Milan based clothing company.
Subsequently, Mansouri left her position and moved to the United States with a specific focus on Couture Wedding and Evening wear.
Mansouri also garners the same level of interest and passion for costume design, which led to her work in feature films and her becoming a member of The Academy Of Television Arts and Sciences And The Costume Designers Guild, IATSE LOCAL 892.
In recent years, Mansouri furthered her education upon completing the executive education program at Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government.

A White Gown for a 3 year old? Pictured Arefeh Mansouri on her 3rd Birthday. Proving it is never too early to show interest in your future Career.

In 2014, Arefeh made her directorial debut with “DREAM”. A Luxurious vision of Love wrapped in Mystery, written and produced by Arefeh Mansouri. In addition, Arefeh Mansouri wrote the lyrics and produced the music for “DREAM”. She then presented her short film “DREAM” at the 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Back home in the U.S., Arefeh won 2 prestigious Awards of Merit from “The Best Shorts Film Competition.” The two categories were awarded for Mansouri’s Short Film: “DREAM”, Experimental and Women Filmmakers.

Shoes and purse featured were designed by Arefeh Mansouri for her short film: “Dream”.
Art Manifests Fashion: The images printed on the shoes and purse are from an original acrylic on canvas, painted by Arefeh Mansouri. Mansouri began painting at a very young age. Her paintings have garnered awards and recognition.

More recently, Arefeh has been working on her line of shoes and invented a new outsole for shoes in the Flat category; Called ‘FLAT PLAT’, her invention is now fully Patented in the U.S. and in 2015 Arefeh Mansouri has been awarded the following patent number: D728209.


Early Years: Young Arefeh and her older sister take dance lessons from Farzaneh Kaboli, a renowned professional in Iranian Folkloric and National Dance.
Mansouri enjoys outdoor and athletic activities, and has tried her hand at Swimming, HorseBack Riding, Tennis, Boating, Jet-Skiing, kick boxing, and Taekwondo (The latter two being her favorite and includes Sword fighting and Nunchucks. She holds an advanced brown belt and learned under Grand Master Sung Cho who holds a 9th Degree Black belt and was a Taekwondo Instructor for the Korean Army. He was also a Korean National Grand Champion).

Arefeh Mansouri Baking macaroons

“A passion to create in all forms ”: Delicious food prepared by Arefeh Mansouri. Her interest in cooking and baking started when she was in elementary school using cook books with trial and error. These days She loves to improvise and create her own recipes.


Arefeh Mansouri has a strong interest in renovation, design, and decoration of investment commercial and residential properties, which she has been doing successfully as a side career since her early 20s.